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Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management

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Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Marikita T. Evangelista

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Roberto T. Borromeo

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Flordeliza C. Reyes
Michaela P. Muñoz


Every higher education institution in the country is mandated with the trilogy of functions of instruction, research and community extension services. Facts from history, however, suggest that in reality this is not always the case. In a typical higher education institution in this country not all three functions are equally given due importance and emphasis. The most common scenario is research gets the least attention! This present study assessed the status of research culture in the DWCC. The findings suggest that there is indeed an existing tradition of research in the institution, however, confined only primarily in the graduate school – research, understood in its entirety as synonymous to culture, is a desired state that belongs to the future.

Quality academic instruction is the DWCC’s foremost priority, not research. This is manifest in the lack of discernable support for research from administration; a research unit without a defined research program, and resource capability – manpower and financial; the absence of a program that enhances the research competence of a rather highly qualified, research-disposed faculty; and the inadequacy of support systems and facilities required for a strong research culture.

The task of creating a culture of research is enormous, because it requires more than simply patch works - but not impossible! Many institutions have blazed a trail and succeeded. What is in order for an institution such as DWCC are new emphases, a new paradigm, and strategic directions. And, a leadership that is committed to create a research-conducive environment where a new culture of research hopefully is to be given birth.

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