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This study described the abortion experiences often Vietnamese adolescents who had abortion experience for within last two years in Ho Chi Minh City. The age range of the participants is between 15 and 19 years with a mean age of 17.1 years. This study used case study, and data were gathered through the in-depth interviews with the participants. The results of the study revealed the following findings. First, the factors which influence the participants to have pregnancy seem to be attributed to: their unhappy home, parents, boyfriends, mass media, self-centeredness, self-image, and their inadequate information on sex. Second, during pregnancy the participants have thoughts characterized by their perceptions about premarital sex, self-preoccupation, denial, irrational thoughts, and hopelessness. Regarding their feelings during pregnancy, the participants' description of their feelings include: fear; loneliness; frustration; and happiness. The behaviors of the participants during pregnancy are self-investigation, denial, withdrawal, and disclosure and non-disclosure of the condition to others. The study also showed the reasons of the participants for having abortion: they were not ready to bear a child; they want to neither stop schooling nor disclose their pregnancy and abortion problems to others. The thoughts of participants during abortion showed that they had ambivalent thoughts about their child. They were hopeless and tried to rationalize for their abortion. Their feelings in this stage compose of loneliness, fear of the abortion procedure and suffering. The behaviors of the participants during abortion expressed that the participants exaggerated their age and declared themselves to be married. With the

feeling of fear about the abortion procedure, they looked for alternative action such as taking the pills for non-surgical process. The thoughts of the participants after abortion encompass the participants' perceptions about premarital sex, thoughts of self-preoccupation, and irrational and suppressive thoughts. A number of their feelings during this stage are fears, guilt, depression, regret and shame. Their behaviors include withdrawal from others, avoiding social contact, blaming themselves and others, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, breaking-up of relationship with boyfriend, poor academic performance, eating and sleeping disorders, and repentance. Based on the findings, the present researcher suggested some strategies to help the participants overcome their difficulties and find meaning in their lives. These strategies consist of identifying and clarifying values and relationship with others, making a weekly small plan and evaluating it weekly, and other strategies. Consequently, the participants' negative thoughts were replaced by positive ones and their anxieties were lessened. They stopped living promiscuously, continued schooling, and participated in social activities. Finally, certain implications were made for possible intervention programs to help the adolescents avoid the risks associated with premarital sex and abortion and make adjustments to their normal life after the abortion experience. Also recommendations are presented for future research.

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Abortion—Vietnam—Ho Chi Minh; Abortion counseling—Vietnam—Ho Chi Minh; Teenage pregnancy—Vietnam—Ho Chi Minh

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