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Master of Education Major in Religious and Values Education

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Religious Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Theology and Religious Education

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Perla M. Estolloso

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Ferdinand D. Dagmang

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Rebecca G. Cacho
Luis C. Sembrano


This research is a study on Buddhism and Catholicism towards Interreligious Dialogue: A Model for Teaching Religious Education in Thailand. It uses historical and documentary research, a qualitative descriptive research design in which the data presented in the study are taken from Church documents, books, articles, websites and research studies. The main sources of information are from libraries in Thailand and in the Philippines as well as the internet. Documentary and content analyses are used as a research method in identifying the findings relevant to this study. The study reveals that Thailand is one of the countries having religious plurality in Southeast Asia. Buddhism is the country’s state religion while the Catholic Church, one of the religious minorities, has been interacting with it since Catholicism came to Thailand through its missionaries approximately 500 years ago. Concerning the theology of Interreligious Dialogue, the Church confirms that dialogue is the suitable approach for people living in a pluralistic society. Dialogue helps them find the common good and the truth that exists in every religion. Through the dialogue process, Catholics are expected to deal with other beliefs with respect, acceptance, and sincerely support each other to build the Kingdom of God in this world. Dialogue between Buddhists and Catholics in Thailand had gone through a period of conflict in their history of encounter throughout the years. At present, however, they are working as partners in building a Thai society. This is explicitly seen in their cooperation in the areas of education, social development and social services. Together

they also enjoy improving peace and harmony along side with the other religions in Thailand. Meanwhile, Religious Education and Interreligious Dialogue are considered significant components of the evangelization mission of the Catholic Church. Interreligious Dialogue can be used as a pedagogical approach in Religious Education where classes are attended by students from different religious backgrounds. Triple Dialogue of the FABC, therefore, is introduced as a model pedagogical approach with Buddhism and Catholicism as the main contents for teaching Religious Education in the schools of Bangkok Archdiocese in Thailand.

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Religious pluralism—Thailand; Religious education—Thailand

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