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Master's Thesis

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Master of Health Social Science

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Medicine and Health


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Behavioral Sciences

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Romeo B. Lee

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Myla M. Arcinas

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Alicia B. Manlagnit
Dennis S. Erasga


ABSTRACT Young men are inclined to engage in risky lifestyle behaviors so knowing what these behaviors are and their associated factors is important for research and programmatic reasons. The descriptive study sought to determine the level of risky lifestyle behaviors of young men in Metro Manila. The quantitative study utilized the survey method among purposively-selected young men who were engaging in binge drinking, inadequate sleep and physical inactivity in the past 12 months. The young men interviewed were of varying ages, occupations and incomes, and perceived themselves as heterosexual. Generally, they have varying levels of social media use and the influence of peer groups on them is at a moderate level. The young men exhibited varying levels of binge drinking, high level of inadequate sleep, moderate to high level of physical inactivity, and low level of sexual activity. It was found out that income, total number of social media platforms used daily, total number of hours spent in social media and peer group influence on binge drinking influenced the number of binge drinking sessions. Moreover, the total number of social media platforms used daily affected the most number of glasses/bottles of alcohol beverages young men consumed while peer group influence on physical activity had an effect on the number of weeknights a young men slept for <8 hours. Meanwhile, the number of weeknights young men slept for <8 hours influenced both the number of sexual intercourse events and number of sexual partners

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Young men—Health risk assessment—Philippines—Metro Manila; Young men—Health and hygiene—Philippines—Metro Manila

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