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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Information Technology

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Databases and Information Systems


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Information Technology

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Marivic S. Tangkeko


The BSP encourages the use of Cloud Computing as a catalyst for financial growth in the Philippines. However, to minimize risk incidental to the use of the technology, the BSP published Circular 808 that provides guidelines on how financial institutions should utilize cloud computing. Although the Circular 808 doesn’t require financial institutions to adopt cloud computing and comply with the regulations, the circular presents an additional inconvenience to financial institutions who are considering the cloud. As such, the circumstances demonstrate a dilemma of whether cloud adoption is a necessity or traditional IT should still suffice. The research describes an integrated TOE-TAM Framework that is applied in context with financial institutions. It explores how existing models and frameworks can be modified, extended, or both to suit and to be able to apply to the financial industry based on specific variables particular to FIs. Quantitative inference was done by using multivariate methods and analysis. Frequentist methods were used for data screening and factory analysis as well as in developing the measurement model. In areas where frequentist methods exceed the restrictions on sample size, a contended non-traditional estimation method was used. The non-frequentist approach as applied to a quantitative research has relieved the development of four causal models. Distinctions in the goodness of fit led to a predisposition that was ultimately used in multi-group comparison between commercial and rural banks. A generic ”easy” (ICI) procedure for cloud adoption was procured based on the identified PFCAM model.

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Financial institutions—Philippines—Data processing; Financial institutions—Effect of technological innovations on; Cloud computing—Philippines

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