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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education Major in Religious Education

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Religious Education


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Theology and Religious Education

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Lolita L. Castillo


“A Proposed Holistic Formation Program of Sacred Heart of Jesus Minor Seminary (SHJMS) in Handan Diocese, China”will try to help the first steps of priests’ formation in Handan Diocese. Through this study the researcher will try to create a better climate in the Minor seminary that follows the spirit of Vatican II, because the high school seminary is the place to nourish the seed of vocation. Human formation is the foundation of all formations. Particularly for the youth, the big task is finding one’s identity. They pass transformation from adolescent to adult, and become mature men. They need to experience unconditional love that exists in the family. They need to learn the skill of expressing themselves and their needs. The seminary is the place to transform the study center to a prayer center, so they need a special formation program to keep them interested in prayer. Through the habit of prayer they discover the initial signs of God calling. Academics cannot be denied. The curriculum should follow that of the social school, in case the seminarian wants to transfer to another seminary, or to another high school so that they do not have to make big changes in their life style. Apostolic formation gives a foretaste of life as a priest. This stirs up in them a sense of service. All formation is led by the Holy Spirit with the cooperation of formators. So from the Bishop to each professor, there should be genuine unity and openness.

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