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Luz T. Suplico
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Child of Zion Academy, Inc. (COZAI) is a private Christian School that seeks to become a partner of families in bringing up and moulding their children, regardless of their economic and cultural background. It has been the aim of COZAI’s owners to improve the standard of living of those residing in the community in which their school is located as well as to earn profit from it. A quantitative research methodology was utilized in this study. Data has been obtained through the use of questionnaire-based survey administered to the target population. The survey was conducted with a sample of 200 respondents who are residents of Old Bulihan, Cavite, only 181 responded. The current study has secured important information about the behavior of the low income market. It provides evidence that validates theories about the low income market. From the data analysis, it has been found that the low income market is aware of the value of education, and it very much favors making education available in the community. It has been observed that the low income market perceives the services of both type schools as being almost of the same quality, particularly in terms of teaching. While they are not comparable, they have generated similar impressions from the low income market, which perceives that students benefit from a good education from either type of school. Based on the data analysis, the researcher recommends that private institutions should differentiate the services they offer from those of public schools. Establishing a private school that would offer good quality education that is at the same time affordable to the low income market would address their needs and wants. Making this kind of private school available in their community would likewise be an advantage. Implementing marketing strategies that could attract the low income market and as a result, may increase the market share of the private institution in Barangay Old Bulihan would demonstrate a lowmargin, high-volume strategy.

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Church schools—Marketing; Low-income students—Education

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