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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Business Organizations Law | Labor and Employment Law


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management

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Pedro Jose F. Bernardo

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Samuel Lee

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Ricson Singson-Que
Lester Flores


The business process outsourcing industry is the sunshine industry of the Philippines. It has created lots of job for the people which offer high salary that are financially beneficial for the employees; which do not discriminate its applicants in terms of age, sex, and educational attainment; and which allows employees to be globally competitive and to use their skills to the fullest. This industry likewise opened doors for businessmen and investors wherein they can infuse their capital in this industry wherein substantial return on investments are realized. Most importantly, this industry helped the Philippines to economically grow and be competitive in the midst of globalization. Despite the positive feedbacks, the industry could not be developed fully because there are factors that hinder it. In this case, it is perceived that there are existing laws which are too prohibitive that it leads to detrimental effects to all the stakeholders in this industry. Moreover, there are also issues surrounding the industry which obstruct the competitiveness of the Philippines in the global market for outsourcing. This thesis has examined existing labor laws and industry practices that have damaging effects to all the stakeholders in this business. Afterwards, an assessment on the labor laws and industry practices of benchmark competitive countries are made so as to determine their solution to issues and to resolve whether it may be applicable locally. Lastly, recommendations are made based on the compromise of local and foreign practices taking into consideration the effects to all the stakeholders as well as the competitive advantage it may provide to the country towards the global economy.

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