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Addressing overloading of work at big bank’s business lending star unit

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Insider Action Research

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Master of Business Administration

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Performance Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization

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Divina M. Edralin

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Rachel A. Quero

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Mary Margaret O. Que
Shieradel V. Jimenez


In this action research, we focused on addressing the issue on the overloading of work at big bank business lending star unit. The overloading of work resulted from three factors which were, Resignation, Complexity of Accounts and Client Preference. Manifestations of the main issue presented were, high level of past due, the increasing number of customer complaints, untimely renewed accounts of credit facilities, frequent overtime rendered and shorted work breaks. The research objectives were 1) to improve the morale of employee, 2) to improve the income of the team by decreasing the past due level, and 3) to create an account planning method. The ultimate goal of this action research was to improve overall performance of the team by addressing the issue on the overloading of work. To have a comprehensive understanding of the situation, Data Triangulation was done. We used first person inquiry and second person inquiry to collect data resources. Interviews and minutes of the meetings were also used as supplementary data resources. DMAIC Framework and Eisenhower matrix were used as practical and theoretical bases of the actions. To facilitate change, ADKAR model was used. This action research implemented two cycles, the first one was Developing and Creating and Account Distribution Method and the second one developing and implementing account distribution policy. The first cycle was used to properly allocate the account loading, we were successful in achieving some of the objectives of the paper on the first cycle but customer complaints were still an issue, we also found out that some account officer stayed with their old ways of doing their account, thus cycle 2 was conducted which was about strengthening the distribution plan by making it a policy. The policy proved to be effective to the unit, figures improved and the customer complaints were lessened. Lastly we presented a new framework as a proposal for further research.

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Bank employees—Workload; Employee motivation

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