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Master's Thesis

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Master of Health Social Science

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Family, Life Course, and Society | Medicine and Health


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Behavioral Sciences

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Myla M. Arcina

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Alicia B. Manlagnit

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Romeo B. Lee
Marlon de Luna Era


The study aimed to describe the level of involvement in pregnancy and child-rearing of young fathers in rural barangays of Tanza, Cavite, and ascertain the relationship of said involvement with several multi-determinants namely; their personal characteristics, attitude towards adolescent fatherhood, and level of social support received. Moreover, its goal was to determine the link between the young father’s level of involvement and their current level of health status. Using a descriptive-quantitative research design, the researcher adapted a survey as its data collection technique through a self-administered questionnaire research instrument. A total of 122 young fathers, aged 18 to 24 years, who have had at least one biological child at the time of study, were identified using non-random purposive sampling technique. The findings of the study revealed that there is an overall positive attitude towards adolescent fatherhood and a moderate level of social support was received by the young fathers. Self-reported health status assessments of the respondents averaged high mean scores, meaning that the young fathers rated themselves as being relatively ‘healthy’. Furthermore, statistical analyses revealed that there is a significant negative association between the source of income and level of involvement. It was also established that the variables attitude towards adolescent fatherhood and social support received were significant determinants of the respondents’ level of involvement. Lastly, level of involvement of the young fathers was found to be positively correlated with their self-reported health status, meaning the more involved they were, they healthier they assessed their own health to be.

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Teenage fathers—Philippines—Tanza (Cavite)—Psychology; Father and child—Philippines—Tanza (Cavite); Pregnancy—Psychological aspects

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