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Master of Philosophy

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Philosophy | Religion


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Emerita Quito

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Emerita Quito

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Claro Ceniza
Romualdi Abulad


The purpose of the whole thesis is not to define, or even describe, the interior life,, specifically. The purpose is to warn its readers of the misconceptions, the hazards, and the hardships that may come along the way towards spirituality. as it is being experienced by the author. To give hope by citing the role of grace in the religious experience, to inspire by providing "hints" of the rewards that lie ahead, and to cite the positive value of their efforts, as discerned by the author.

The purpose of the testimonial part of the thesis is to portray what the average, normal, young Filipino can expect along 11the path", through the author's own experience. The philosophical discussions that follow are derived from the testimony. The sequence of these insights are patterned from the sequence of the author's own experiences.

The author recommends that the succeeding chapters are not to be taken independently from the other chapters. They are not isolated ideas but rather they make up a whole, and it is only through the understanding of the whole that the thesis can serve its purpose: to communicate to the readers that the everyday struggles of the average person can be transformed into an interior life with the right insights, proper attitudes, and God’s grace.

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Spirituality; Experience (Religion)

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