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Juris Doctor

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Election Law


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Milagros Isabel A. Cristobal

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Victoria V. Loanzon

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Edward P. Chico
Renato M. Pambid


The Constitution, as the fundamental law of the land, deserves the utmost respect and obedience of all the citizens of the Philippines. It is the bible of rights of the Filipinos. It is a shield from injustice, abuse of right, and dishonesty. It expresses the system of our Government. The preamble of the Constitution enumerates the primary aims and expresses the aspirations of the framers thereof. It is crystal clear that the Government shall secure the blessings of democracy and independence under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace. Equality is a guarantee. This is not a theory but should be a reality.

The paper is an analysis of the term limit of the Congress of the Philippines. A term limit is a statutory restriction to an elective position. Findings will show that there is an upfront violation of the term limit because an individual, who already maximized his or her term of office, may still go back after another term serving in a different elective position. In the meantime, such individual will assign his relatives to occupy his seat in his former position. There is no need for an enabling law to effect term limit. The Anti-Political Dynasty bills are still pending. The Philippine election laws do not provide for any disqualifications to such practice.

To suppress this deftly skirt of the provision on term limit, a provision in the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago will be added. An additional disqualified candidate will also be included in the Omnibus Election Code.

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TG05873; CDTG005873


Philippines. Congress—Term of office; Legislators—Term of office—Philippines; Term limits (Public office)—Philippines

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