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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Economics

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Dickson A. Lim


In order to further promote China's economic development and change the disadvantages brought about by the traditional economic model, our government actively carries out supply-side reform. This is to solve China's economic growth slowdown, environmental problems are still prominent and other practical problems and put forward solutions. It is a kind of reform way which takes the adjustment of economic structure as a measure under the macro and stable policy. Supply-side reform is a kind of economic behavior, and it has an important impact on China's land policy. The construction of free trade area is based on land, and the free trade area is regarded as an economic area. It has a certain impact on the surrounding real estate and land supply. Based on this, this paper provides a prediction of the land policy under the supply-side reform on the development of the free trade area. First of all, this paper analyzes the background and purpose of this paper, and then summarizes and analyzes the research history, research literature and research methods of supply-side reform. It mainly includes the theory, significance and composition of supply-side reform. In the third part, the paper analyzes the relationship between free trade area and land policy in China. This paper qualitatively analyzes the influence of land policy optimization on the economic realization of free trade area under the background of side reform, and finally puts forward some suggestions on policies and reform methods. The results show that with the continuous progress of supply-side reform in China, the development of China's free trade area will be further supported, and the free trade area will also enhance the living standards of the local people. The research methods and ideas provide ideas for the supply-side reform strategy and the construction of free trade area in China.

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Title on CD label: An analysis of the impact of China’s supply-side reform on China’s investment market in the next five years





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Supply-side economics—China; Land use—China; Free ports and zones—China

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