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Master of Arts in Education Major in Religious Education

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Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Theology and Religious Education

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Francis Albert

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Edward Baldwin FSC
John Burns FSC


This study is not intended to be didactic in its form. It is just an attempt of the write to widen the limited understanding of students about the Redeeming Act of Jesus Christ in relation to the present mode of thinking, a world beset with many complexities. The object in which our students return to the true source of our Christian belief, through oral tradition, scriptural

readings, and the teachings of the Church, in order to counteract the light reading materials, which our adolescents are so much interested, to set up a pattern of conduct that is Christlike and dignified. It also aims to bring back the ideals or the past in order to build up

the present in biblical, psychological, social and foremost the spiritual understeJ1ding of salvation history in relation to our own personal lives. Human language can

be so imperfect in many ways, much has to be said in order to be understood, and ,often whe.t we say is never taken properly by those who listen. Therefore, illustrations, biographical sketches and comparisons are utilized. Theology must find its greatest impact in the appreciation and understanding of the subject matter. Faith is needed so as to get the true light, for Holy Scripture has worded it, that the "Holy Spirit works on individual souls."

Research has been made to supplement and authenticate the study, therefore acknowledgment of the writer’s limitation may be given due consideration, for whatever may come on the way, is just attributable to the light coming from the Gospel Message.

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Salvation; Salvation—Christianity

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