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Electronic media, play, and social Participation in play

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Clinical Psychology

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Child Psychology | Psychology


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Maria Caridad H. Tarroja

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Madelene A. Sta. Maria

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Maria Lourdes A. Carandang
Ron R. Resurreccion


This study looks into the perception of parents and caregivers on the Filipino preschoolers’ electronic media exposure, exposure to play, and social participation in play. Sequential mixed method design was used to examine the role of electronic media and play on the preschoolers’ social participation in play. The first part examined the perceived electronic media exposure and perceived play exposure as predictors of perceived social participation in play of preschoolers in the home setting. Sixty caregivers and parents were asked to answer a survey regarding the preschoolers’ exposure to electronic media, exposure to play, and their preschoolers’ social participation during play. Findings showed that Filipino preschoolers have high exposure to electronic media, high exposure to indoor play and has high social participation in play. Outdoor play with another child fairly predicts play engagement of preschoolers with another child or other children. To further understand quantitative findings, interviews were conducted on teachers regarding play behaviors of seven preschoolers in the school setting. Cases of preschoolers were presented. Gender differences in the preschoolers’ preference to some play activities were found. Teachers find play as a positive and pleasurable activity for the preschoolers. However, gradual dissipation of play heritage and traditional Filipino games was evident. Implications of the findings were discussed and recommendations were provided to advance knowledge on electronic media, play, and social participation in play of preschoolers.

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Running title: Electronic media, play, and social Participation in play





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Social interaction in children; Play; Technology and children

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