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Teddy Yap
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In today’s highly specialized business environment, efficient management and product distribution determine the success of an organization. This advocates seeking potential efficiency improvements and hidden sales opportunities. Every organization has a lot of information about its customers, suppliers, and operations or has the ability to gather such information. The problem is extracting and making good use of this information. Purely transactional processing systems are no longer sufficient to ensure long-term competitiveness. If a firm is unable to utilize available information and generate new sales opportunities, it will quickly lose its competitive advantage.

The purpose of this research is to help executives of any organization to improve operational performance, reveal hidden information and patterns, and increase sales opportunities. This is done through developing a data warehouse that will assist the management of an organization to look at the data in different perspectives. This paper explores the technology and considers a number of practical issues of concern in applying the technique. A series of key concepts regarding the field of data warehousing are presented. In particular, the concepts of OLAP and Data Warehouse are illuminated, which are the fundamental components of modern data warehouses. The conceptual and logical design techniques of the analytical databases and the multidimensional analyses, made available by this model of data, are also presented. More importantly, it tells you where organizational units can improve and how data warehousing systems can help increase business opportunities.

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New business enterprises; Industrial productivity--Measurement; Management information systems

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