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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology


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Laurene Chua-Garcia

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Vicente E. Abrenica

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Romeo Suarez
Carla Mole


Student affairs work is dynamic and as such, it requires that people involved in student personnel services experience continuing growth and development. To date, there is no existing formal training and preparation for practitioners in this field. In the recently concluded Asia-Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA) international conference, the possibility of forming an Institute of Student Services was raised. Until such an institure is in place, practitioners in student services learn most of their skills on-th-job.

DLSU-Manila has the Student Personnel Services SPS) handling the student affairs of its college students. As swift as changes occur in the development of young people, so too has the work in SPS evolved. The demands of the work have changed significantly and likewise the competencies required for people in SPS to effectively deliver programs and services.

The study identified the competencies of the DLSU-Manila SPS Staff by administering the Job Competency Survey Questionnaire which determined the level of perceived importance of each competency. Focused group discussion sessions were also conducted to validate results and identify implications towards the design of a development program.

The results of the study showed very high mean rating for all the competencies. Tim e Management, Communication and Conflict Management were there of the competencies which obtained extremely important ratings. Other competencies such as Counseling, Program Evaluation, Training Design, Materials Development and others were added to the list.

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College student development programs; Student affairs services--De La Salle University

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