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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Benefits and Compensation


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Management and Organization Department

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Rachel Quero

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Frances Jeanne Sarmiento

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Divina Edralin
Maricel Balatbat


This action research focused on addressing the issue of delayed processing of brokers’ commission. We used the MARS model to uncover where the bottleneck lies and identified that the contributing factors are excessive workload for the lone Accounting Staff expediting the processing of commission and low sensitivity to deadlines. To address the issue, we collaboratively decided to transfer some accounting tasks to the staff transferred from the Technical Documentation Department to the Accounting Department and to the newly hired Accounting Staff. We also devised a performance metrics for timely processing of requests for brokers’ commission. There was a significant improvement in the processing of brokers’ commission but we did not achieve the new standard processing time. As we assessed the results of the first cycle, we realized the impact of the Covid19 pandemic to our financial operations. We experienced a high volume of pending validation of online payment collections from buyers which hindered us from complying with the standard time for the processing of brokers’ commission. Hence, we addressed the constraint of pending validation of online collections during the second cycle. For our intervention, we created a standard collection process for online transactions for buyers’ payments that conforms to the new work- from-home arrangement for most employees. We also created a real-time shared database accessible through google sheets to monitor the status of proof of payments for validation. The results of the second cycle showed that these interventions are effective and we have achieved the desired processing time.

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