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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration

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Sales and Merchandising


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Maria Paquita Bonnet

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Rachel Quero

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Maricel Balatbat
Denver Daradar


This action research improved the Customer Acquisition Process Monitoring of SolarCell PH.

High revenue is essential in every organization. This allows an organization to survive or even grow further in a competitive environment. The level of revenue depends on the number of sold products or services towards the customers. It is important for an organization to effectively acquire and handle large customers to sustain and improve its sales. This is the goal of SolarCell PH in order to survive and expand within the Solar panel industry. However, the company is lacking in terms of monitoring its Customer Acquisition process. It has been experiencing incomplete, unorganized, and inconsistent tracking of its progress. It also lacks the basis for executing a more appropriate and effective sales action towards its customers.

Through this action research that encourages collaboration in every phase (i.e. Construction, Planning, Taking Action, Evaluating Action), the action researcher and the participants were able to improve the company’s Customer Acquisition Process Monitoring. The solutioning made use of the System Development Life Cycle. In the first cycle, the team was able to design a usable Customer Acquisition data flow and workflow. The Usability framework validated the design’s utility by checking its impact on the Sales and Admin team’s effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in handling Customer Acquisition activities. The second cycle focused on transforming the generated design from the previous cycle into a concrete process monitoring tool. The created tool was proven to be useful to the SolarCell PH based on their feedback via survey. The success of this project was also due to the smooth transition by the team guided by Lewin's Change Management model.

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Sales management; Sales reporting; Solar cells; Selling—Solar cells

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