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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


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Mechanical Engineering

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Alvin Chua
Jose Bienvenido Manuel Biona

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Archie B. Maglaya

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Martin Ernesto Kalaw
Laurence Gan Lim


ICE tricycles emit hydrocarbons, particulate matters and other harmful emissions that poses a negative effect to the environment. Include the need to be energy-dependent due to exorbitant and uncontrolled fuel prices, cities in the Philippines are now turning to a cleaner alternative which is the electric tricycle. These smoke and emission free tricycles are plying around some cities in the metropolis and in some provinces. However, due to financial limitation of the tricycle sector, not everyone can buy an electric tricycle unit and rollout the inefficient ICE tricycles. This study focused on the selection of optimum power train components of electric tricycle based on cost. The performance is based on the second by second drive profile of the reference ICE tricycles. Therefore, the optimum power train components selected will have the performance of an ICE tricycle at the lowest possible cost. Since the initial cost of acquiring electric tricycle is more expensive than the conventional ICE tricycle, this study used incremental internal rate of return (IRR) to define if the return on the investment is worth the high initial cost of the electric power train. Using excel programming with the drive cycle, motor type and size, battery type and size, braking function options and gear ratio as the input parameters, it was found out that 50Ah LIFEPO4 batteries and 3000W hub motor with regenerative braking are the optimum power train combination for the combined drive cycle data which were taken from ICE tricycles. Regenerative braking saves power consumption and outweighs the additional cost for the controller. Optimum power train components combination was also defined for the middle income, low income and main road and the combination of 40Ah LIFEPO4 battery, hub motor and regenerative braking proved to be the most cost efficient.

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