The influence of economic and psychosocial resources on the well-being of Filipino migrant workers in Spain: A narrative analysis

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Clinical Psychology


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Melissa Lucia L. Reyes


A host of studies has explored the diaspora of Filipino migrant workers, but studies focusing on Filipinos who move to Spain have yet to be undertaken. In particular, there has been little insight into how their well-being is determined by the economic and psychosocial resources they have gained or lost in their first months of their stay in Spain. The purpose of this study was to reveal the resources Filipino migrant workers in Spain employ to attain well-being. The study used thematic content analysis to analyze interviews with 15 Filipinos who moved to Spain to work as domestic or restaurant workers. An additional 4 Filipino workers in Spain were engaged in casual conversation in order to validate the themes extracted from the interviews. Results show that while participants perceived their well-being in Spain as relatively good, they have experienced some resource loss that has become a barrier to well-being. Participants reported experiencing animosities from fellow Filipinos, feeling of degradation and loss of status as they shifted from while-collar to blue-collar employment, the challenge of shouldering familial financial responsibilities, and difficulties in social adjustments to a new country. Despite these struggles, the analysis revealed a number of factors that contribute to resource gain. The interviewed workers used a variety of resources in dealing with stress. Socially-oriented coping strategies and spirituality were the dominant personal resources used while increased income and financial independence were the dominant economic resources. Findings point that these factors helped participants manage the effects of the migratory experience, adapt to the host country, and preserve or increase well-being. Findings from this study can help to design interventions aimed at improving the well-being of Filipino migrant workers and preventing mental health problems. Implications for career counseling are discussed.

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Filipinos--Employment--Spain; Foreign workers; Filipino--Spain; Migrant labor

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