Among things weightless

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


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Dinah T. Roma

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Ronald Baytan

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Allan Popa
Mesandel V. Arguelles
Jazmin B. Llana


Among Things Weightless, as a collection of poems, attempts to enact the deliverance of the self through the difficult by following multiple speakers and their connections and disconnections to their respective worlds. It is composed of three lyric sequences which, in fragments, aim to map the experience of difficulty, uncertainty, and displacement. The first sequence, Aphasia, is a lyric sequence that contemplates on the difficulty of speaking as a mode of connection to the world and to the self. Another Morning, the second sequence, inquires on mans nature after being told to be created from the likeness of a divine being which is characterized as inherently good. Through a series of fragmented lyrics, it aims to enact the apparent tendency or penchant of man for evil in his struggle to realize the goodness he ultimately doesn't have. Adrift is inspired by films such as Gravity, Upside Down, and Interstellar. It takes on the experience of floating and drifting in space as a metaphor for the paradoxes of human connection and disconnection.

The introductory essay On Writing Among Things Weightless explores the writers education and formative poetics among others which informs the writing of the collection.

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