Use of statistical investigation in assessing student's understanding and performance statistics

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The recent implementation of the K to 12 curriculum brought changes in the Philippine Educational system. Along these changes is the recent addition of Statistics in the Mathematics curriculum. In the previous years, statistics was offered as an elective in high school or in higher education systems, but K-12 required the inclusion of Statistics in every year level. The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of the students experience during each statistical investigation phase and how will these actions improve the teaching and learning processes.

This study investigated the statistical understanding and performance of 44 Grade 10 students divided into groups of four from a private school in Makati. In a 3-week study, the students level of statistical understanding and experiences were mapped based on the GAISE framework. The GAISE report is a framework for statistics education in grades Pre K-12 which provides a better understanding for students progressive understanding in learning statistics.

The students were divided into groups of four prior to investigation. Each group underwent statistical investigation using different worksheets as their guide in every phase of the activity. Data was gathered during each point of the investigation in the classroom encounters, written reports, achievement test, and interviews. The achievement test was given as a summative test towards the end of the investigation and the interviews were conducted after the whole investigation process. Based on the quality of the students outputs, the groups achieved a Level A in statistical understanding for every part of the investigation. There are groups that show indicators of possessing Level B during the classroom interactions, but, their outputs do not reflect their levels otherwise.

The groups produced acceptable outputs for the statistical investigation, however, their levels of statistical understanding does not match their age and year level based on the framework. The achievement test of the students showed knowledge in performing statistical measures but majority of the groups did not use this knowledge while conducting the investigation. The teachers closer involvement with the students during the activity is suggested. Further research in the levels of the students statistical understanding prior, during, and after the investigation is encouraged.

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