Relationships among employee stress, job satisfaction, health & well-being programs and employee well-being in a sample of working adults

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Clinical Psychology


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Yujuico, Isabelle Regina


The study sought to understand the relationship of the factors, employee stress, job satisfaction, participation in health and well-being programs to employee well-being. To contextualize the study, the research began with a presentation of health and well-being programs in seventy-three companies within the Industry and Service sectors. The study then focused on a particular company operating in the Industry Sector. A cross-sectional study was carried out on a convenience sample of one hundred forty-eight male and female employees. The variables of employee stress, job satisfaction, and participation in health and well-being programs were measured using self-report written questionnaires. Multiple regression analysis yielded employee stress, job satisfaction, participation in health and well-being programs combined showed a positive, direct, and significant relationship to employee well-being (R2.144, F [3,144] = 8.096, p <.000). No causal inferences were drawn due to non-experimental nature of the study. The study concluded with insights on the interaction effect between employee stress and job satisfaction and its relationship to employee well-being. It also suggested further analysis on interaction effects among the variables be undertaken.

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Personnel management; Job stress; Work -- Psychological aspects; Job satisfaction; Employee health promotion

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