Addressing employee knowledge gaps: An action research on improving knowledge-based capability development through training for organizational development

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Benito L. Teehankee

Defense Panel Chair

Jaime T. Cempron

Defense Panel Member

Azenith H. Castillo
Frances Jeanne L. Sarmiento
Maria Victoria P. Tibon
Brian C. Gozun


This action research addressed the issue of lack of knowledge-based capability of the members of the Policy Administration Department, with the ultimate goal of delivering quality service to our clients worldwide. The objectives of this paper includes expanding the knowledge of the department members through training, to promote a sound culture of trust and motivation between employees and to improve handling of inquiries and complaints from clients and agents. In addition to the focus group discussions and collaborative analysis of the members of the department, the issue was identified using the different action research tools, which includes the ladder of inference, active inquiry, ORJI and Force Field Analysis. Guided by the GRPI Framework (2016), Team Training Structure (2010), we determined the interventions necessary to address the issue. In addition, the ADKAR model (2006), was used as a change framework to guide the team throughout the action research.

The success of this action research greatly depended on the contributions and participation of my collaborators and the members of the department. Through constant collaboration, the team and I were able to improve both the identified core and technical competencies of the employees in the department.

This action research taught me the importance of time, teamwork, respect and openness to different opinions and viewpoints. In addition, this action research helped me grow professionally in my career by being more assertive and taking on leadership roles throughout the cycles. Lastly, this action research paved the way for continuous organizational and employee career development through further trainings, reinforcements and reassessments of skills, motives and attitudes.

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Personnel management; Employees--Training of; Organizational change

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