Heterotopia and the plays of Floy Quintos

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Language and Literature Major in Literature


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Literature, Department of

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Ronald Baytan

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John Iremil E. Teodoro

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Jeremy De Chavez
Ralph Semino Galan
Jazmin B. Llana


Getting involved in the socio-political issues surrounding the ideal, utopic spaces that demonstrate hegemonic culture is an immediate concern that needs to be critically addressed by present-day readers/audience. However, little study, particularly in theater and literature, has been done to challenge the practices of this culture. This purpose of this thesis, then, is to study the plays of Floy Quintos, an award-winning director and playwright, by looking at them as alternative spaces in light of Michel Foucaults theory of heterotopia. Using this theory, this study examines how Floy Quintos alternative (other) space reflects, contests, and subverts the hegemonic culture. Specifically, it: (1) reads the plays of Floy Quintos using the theory of heterotopia, including its six principles, by determining the ideal, utopic spaces formulated by hegemonic ideology and by finding how these are reflected in Floy Quintos plays, (2) gives a critical argument contrasting the ideal hegemonic space and the heterotopic space created by Floy Quintos plays and how the latter contests the former; and (3) identifies and examines the forms of dissidence in the plays using the ideas of J. Neil C. Garcia and Jonathan Dollimore to determine how the characters challenge the hetero-patriarchal order. Through this, this study shows how the hegemonic culture is a source of constant establishment of ideal, utopic social institutions that dominate women and gays. This study ends with recommendations regarding further studies on the works of Floy Quintos and other Filipino playwrights.

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Dramatists; Filipino; Male dramatists--Philippines; Playwriting; Drama--Technique

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