Blockchain-based approach for tracking the state of client's personal information for data transparency and accountability in relation with Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA): Compliance of a savings bank

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Master's Thesis

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Information Technology

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Oliver A. Malabanan

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Gregory G. Cu
Rafael A. Cabredo


The approval of Data Privacy imposes data subject rights that must be protected at all cost. Some of the rights can be easily addressed while some requires extra effort. For instance, the right to be informed is a matter of embedding a business mechanism or adding additional steps in the business process to ensure that the client is informed on how their data will be processed/used. On the other hand, the right to access is a different story. It would entail additional effort to be able to generate the information needed by the client especially those who want to know when and by whom their data was last accessed. Moreover, it is not a guarantee that the client would trust the generated report unless proven immutable.

In light with the rights that need to be protected, it is proposed in this paper to use a blockchain-based approach to support data transparency and accountability in tracking the state of the personal information of the client. The approach to this capstone project focuses on how application and database level audit logs be translated to logs useful for the clients. The blockchain-based approach ensures immutability, hence increasing the data integrity. The evaluation shows the impact of the system both on the client and managements point of view.

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