Addressing bottlenecks in deliveries of Fix n Mix Bakers Inc. thru the introduction of a web based software

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Maria Victoria P. Tibon

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Benito L. Teehankee

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Mary Margaret O. Que
Patrick Adriel H. Aure
Maria Victoria P. Tibon
Brian C. Gozun


Government agencies must always maintain public trust through adherence to reliability and transparency. In this regard, being issued with recurring audit. The goal of this action research is to improve the distribution process of Fix n Mix Bakers Inc. To achieve this goal, we identified the bottleneck activity that contributed the inefficiency in the process. The issue that we discovered is the dependency on the release of the delivery receipts resulting in the inconsistencies of the delivery schedule. This dependency is contributed by the limitation of the current inventory system. The limitation is recognized because of its standalone feature. The resolution of the issue resulted in introducing a customized web-based system to eliminate the bottleneck process. The purpose of the web-based system is to give simultaneous access to cater synchronous activity and avoid reworks in each movement of the distribution activity. The interventions and activities include interviews and meetings between the management team, IT developer and distribution team. This action research has completed two cycles to achieve the goal of improving the distribution process of Fix n Mix. The first cycle focuses on the creation and implementation of the system. However, the goal to improve the distribution process is not adequately achieved because of a particular feature in the web-based system that contributed reworks in the distribution process. Hence, a second cycle is necessary to eliminate the said reworks to achieve consistent delivery schedule. This action research also helped improve the teamwork and communication within the operations department through easier access of information and minimized blame within the employees of the distribution group.

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Delivery of goods; Office management; Fix n Mix Bakers Inc.

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