Addressing the issue of missing invoice incident in accounts payable group mailbox

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A management action research for addressing the issue of missing invoice incident in accounts payable group mailbox

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The SC Johnson, global business company runs its business through 3 shared service centers as parts of business process reengineering to reduce the operational cost. The SC Johnson ROHQ, Asia shared service center runs its business according to the SLA (service level agreement) with Asia SC Johnson branches. The accounts payable department of Asia shared service center has an SLA to pay any invoices received within 3 days. But the AP department fails to pay the invoice which results the penalty for the invoice related to statutory payment and run the off-cycle payment for urgent payment of logistic invoices due to missing incident in accounts payable group mailbox.

This paper is designed to implement the action research for improvement the missing invoice incident which sent to accounts payable group mailbox so that there is no unnecessary penalty and no foreign exchange loss due to unplanned off-cycle payment.

The project team implement the action research to address the missing email incident in accounts payable group mailbox. The project team standardize the scanning process and make the email tracking file in line with scanning activity to monitor all emails sent accounts payable group mailbox. The project team assign only two analysts to scan the invoice every day without any other tasks. The schedule of scanner will be 2 week rotation basis within invoice posting team to scan the invoice within 24 hour according to the service level agreement.

The project team found out that scanning activity is a combination of technology and human element. The scanning activity require the continuous employee training to address the human mistake while scanning and fast technical support to resolve the sudden system failure so that it will not affect the whole scanning activity.

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