Women political leadership and basic needs in selected Quezon City barangays

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Development Policy


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Political Science

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Maria Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

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Francisco A. Magno
Asuncion M. Sebastian
Maria Ella C. Oplas
Julio C. Teehankee


This study examined how women political leadership address basic needs in the barangays of Quezon City through the policy process of Anderson (2011), employing the qualitative method. It included all female Punong Barangays as the respondents coming from the six districts of the city, and chose four case studies as a result of a selection process. It aims to: (1) to examine how women leadership addresses basic needs through the policy process, (2) to analyze how the policy process supports basic needs, and (3) to provide further assessment on how women local leaders are faring as partners for national development, in terms of ensuring basic service delivery.

Women political leadership continues to be overlooked and neglected, despite the growing numbers in terms of representation, and their perceived weakness persists, as politics is still a male-dominated arena. Recent studies on women political leadership concentrate on international and national level of analysis, having extremely limited literature on the local level, particularly in the lowest tier of the government, the barangay. With the pursuit of gender-based leadership linking to basic needs, this investigation remains to be political in nature, as the role of local government will be scrutinized, particularly how women Barangay Chairpersons address the delivery of basic needs to their constituents. Furthermore, this study intends to provide a substantial link between the influence of women political leaders in handling their respective barangays, while service delivery is highlighted, and contributes to the inadequate present studies to better address the needs of the phenomenon to the national level.

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Women--Political activity--Philippines; Political leadership--Philippines

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