An integrated marketing communications campaign for Office of Sports Development

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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Jose Luis R. Liongson

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Shane Aldrin M. Bellare
Emmanuel M. Calanog
Nino Jose B. Gonzales
Regina C. Dy
Brian C. Gozun


The primary goal of this marketing campaign is to increase the exposure of the Unsung Heroes of De La Salle University. In doing so, the campaign aims to drive attention, spark interest, create desire and ultimately encourage the support of the Lasallian community. Along with this, the campaign aims to achieve two secondary goals for the OSD. In the process of elevating the recognition of the Unsung Heroes, encouraging potential alumni benefactors to contribute to the OSDs sports fund and acquiring prospective recruits will be attainable. With the contributions, the Office will be able to better provide for their athletes needs and have the means to compete with other universities in terms of recruitment.

This study applied three research designs in order to gather data from four different parties. Insight from the student-athletes, former and current Sports Directors, Lasallian student body and alumni were collected to better understand the support given by the Lasallian community to the DLSU teams. A purposive in-depth interview was initially done on a total of fifty-eight (58) respondents coming from the side of the OSD. Two (2) of these respondents are the former and current Sports Directors of the Office of Sports Development (OSD) while fifty-six (56) of these respondents are the athletes representing all fifteen (15) sporting events in the UAAP. Athlete respondents were further categorized into four (4) representatives per sporting event. These four representatives consist two (2) male and two (2) female athletes, one of each belong to an older and newer batch. They were asked open-ended questions regarding their (a) experience as a student-athlete (b) take on the OSDs support to their sport and (c) the recognition of their team/sport in the school. Whereas, the two (2) Sports Directors were asked open-ended questions regarding their (a) plans for the OSD (b) the support that they provide their athletes and (c) the sports fund. Due to availability concerns and willingness to participate, the researcher was only able to interview athletes that had accepted to take part in the study. For some sports, the researcher interviewed athletes that don't necessarily fit the bill due to previously mentioned limitations. Also, most of the athletes that the researcher interviewed resided within the Taft Avenue area. 57% of these respondents are athletic scholars coming from different provinces in the Philippines

In order to attain insights from the side of the DLSU alumni, the researcher interviewed ten (10) members of Gang Green, a group of DLSU alumnus who are die-hard supporters of the different UAAP teams. The questions asked were regarding (a) the top five teams that they support (b) preference in supporting specific sports and (c) reasons that can convince them to support other teams aside from those they are already supporting.

In order to get the perspective of the Lasallian community on DLSU sports, an online-survey was conducted on a total of one hundred (100) Lasallian student. The questions of the survey surrounded (a) their usual activities in campus (b) their awareness and familiarity on the different DLSU sports as well as (c) their reasons for supporting and not supporting certain teams.

With the data gathered, the researcher will be able to conceptualize strategies that will increase the exposure of the Unsung Heroes and encourage the support from the Lasallian community.

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Sports--Philippines; Athletics--Philippines; Physical education and training--Philippines; De La Salle University (Manila) Office of Sports Development

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