An integrated marketing communications campaign for ride revolution

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There are a lot of diet programs that is happening every week. People have been more and more open to new fitness and weight loss programs. However, the right approach to weight loss is to change your lifestyle, permanently. People need to feel that the benefits of changing their behavior will outweigh the costs. (Dr. Osborn, RD, PhD, 2014)

There has been a decline in the life expectancy due to heart, diabetes, and kidney diseases. From an average of 79 years, it has decreased to 78 years (Rogers, 2015). In the Philippines however, 30% of all deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases, followed by cancer at 10%, respiratory diseases at 5%, while 4% are caused by diabetes (World Health Organization Country Profiles, 2014)

Physical activities will help the make the body stronger to combat diseases, body burn fat and calories that the body consumes on a daily basis, and reduce stress a person experiences on a daily basis. In an article that the University of Maryland Medical Center published, it stated that The American Heart Association recommends that individuals do moderate exercise for at least 75 minutes to 150 minutes per week (Dr. Simon, 2012). In a Harvard study, vigorous stationary bicycling is the best weight-loss exercise among gym activities. Vigorous exercise raises your heart rate to 70 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate (Harvard.edu, 2016)

People are now more open into trying different types of exercise that they believe would sustain their interest as well as help them reach their fitness goals. There are more choices now and people are smarter as they will do what they feel is best for their body whether it is coming back from an injury or still having their daily exercise routine without putting too much stress on their joints.

To make the most out of this opportunity, Ride Revolution launched its first studio in Makati last year with their campaign Join the Revolution. They did a lot of promo packages to attract consumers during their launch phase. Then they transitioned to their campaign Break the Cycle which puts emphasis on breaking ones usual cycle to incorporate a different exercise routine into ones schedule.

In order to support and further continue its growth, this integrated marketing campaign will increase the awareness as well as class sales and help Ride Revolution be the thought leader for cycling and fitness. This campaign will mostly focus on above-the-line strategies however, still incorporating below-the-line strategies to further penetrate its target market. It will depend largely on the digital channel and out of home advertising.

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