Lived experiences of caregivers of children with autism

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education Major in Special Education


Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education


Educational Leadership and Management

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Maria Corazon C. Colendrino

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Thelma R. Mingoa

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Marikita T. Evangelista
Lilia S. Bautista


Descriptive phenomenology is a qualitative research methodology which aims to explore and describe a certain phenomenon as experienced by the people who lived through it. This study intended to investigate and describe the phenomenon of caring for children with autism through the lived experiences of non-family, non-relative paid female caregivers using Husserls descriptive phenomenological approach. The study used Colaizzis seven-step descriptive phenomenological analysis to analyze the data gathered through the use of semi-structured interview and diary-writing. An exhaustive description of the phenomenon of caring for children with autism by paid caregivers was achieved and extracted from the structure after using Colaizzis method. 711 significant statements were obtained from the interview and diary transcripts, which totaled to 711 formulated meanings. The formulated meanings where then categorized into 61 theme clusters grouped under 16 emergent themes. Results generated from the analysis of data revealed that caregivers describe their job as happy and fulfilling despite being tiring and stressful. Being a care provider to a child with autism is not financially rewarding for most of the caregivers included in the study. The challenges that caregivers encounter range from being CWA-centered, the CWAs families, and other people's reactions towards them. The emotional attachment that the caregivers have developed for their charges was also very evident in the data. Implications of this study include having certain qualifications in choosing a caregiver, having a contract wherein both parties agreed to the terms and conditions so they will be obligated to do their part of the contract, and providing seminars, and training programs for the caregivers.

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