Utilizing event conditions in improving generated story aesthetics

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Ethel Ong

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Solomon See


Setting is a form of literary devices that can be used as a medium for improving the aesthetic quality of computer-generated stories. There are various forms of setting, mainly location, setting, and motivation. In this research, the preconditions in the event planning of Picture Books 2 - Planning Agents (PB2-PA) were utilized to increase the aesthetic quality of the generated stories, such as fleshing out character motivations to give meaning to character actions. The existing categories of conditions that are supported by PB2-PA were also expanded to include categories. These categories identifying further the types of concepts they represent, allowing more heuristics to be applied to them. Because the scope of the research focused on the surface realization phase, other strategies employed to reduce redundancy in the generated text include the generation of pronouns, the use of heuristics to prevent repetitive concepts, heuristics to prevent redundant sentences, and adding explicit descriptions to objects.

Results from four iterations of testing showed that readers enjoyed descriptiveness, proper flow, proper use of words, and stories that make sense. They had pointed out the need to watch out for repetitive words, redundant ideas, and unnecessary information, as these are things which destroy the immersion the reader feels while reading. Citing improvement in visualization, flow, and less repetitions. It should be noted then that additional information and context does indeed help the story aesthetic, improving it in the eyes of ordinary readers.

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