Leadership styles, generational differences, and organizational culture as predictors of employee resilience and turnover intent in a selected retail organization in identifying relevant HR interventions

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Psychology Major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


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Laurene Chua-Garcia


The study aimed to determine which specific types of leadership style, generational differences, and organizational culture predict employee resilience in a selected retail organization in the Philippines. Furthermore, it aimed to determine if employee resilience, in turn, also predicts turnover intent. Survey questionnaires were administered to 277 employees and then followed by a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) among people managers and subject matter experts of the retail organization. FGD also helped in soliciting relevant HR interventions, initiatives and programs for the mentioned organization. Results showed non-significance between leadership styles and employee resilience between organizational culture and employee resilience and between employee resilience and turnover intent. On the other hand, it showed significant result between generational differences and employee resilience. Generational differences predicted employee resilience. Generation Y employees have higher resilience compared to Generation X employees. Factors that helped increase employee resilience among Generation Y employees were coaching and mentoring, technology, continuous learning, clear measurement system and structure, and a motivating environment. Human Resources programs and interventions were identified that helped Generation Y employees increase their resilience such as: creating a Goal-Reality-Options-Will to Commit (GROW) Coaching Plan, developing Human Capital Management as an employee technological tool, using Experiential-Others-Instruction (EOI) Learning Model, creating competencies, promoting culture building programs and creating a Millennial Profiling Survey.

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