Health status and health care utilization among senior citizens in South Cotabato, Philippines

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The elderly population are the most in need of health care services. People as they grow old experience physical degeneration. This is the reason why majority of them suffer from chronic illness. Although the health conditions of the elderly demand for health care services, their socio-demographic characteristics, experienced nature of illness and social support do vary which would account for the differences in their demand for utilization of health services. Hence, a study on Health Status and Health Care Utilization among Senior Citizens in South Cotabato, Philippines was conducted.

This study described the health status and health care utilization of the 80 senior citizen respondents in the municipality of Lake Sebu and City of General Santos in South Cotabato, Philippines. A face to face survey was conducted using an interview schedule. The result of the study revealed that among the socio-demographic variables, sex, educational attainment, religion, and economic related variables namely ownership of health insurance, senior citizen card and pension are significantly related with health care utilization that includes the visited health care provider, type of facility visited, and frequency of visit.

Moreover, nature of illness was found to be significantly related with the visit and frequency of visit to a midwife. Majority of the elderly respondents visited a midwife and the elderly who visited more frequently are those with multiple morbidity. In terms of social support, study revealed that respondents have a mean score of 3.85 which is interpreted as moderate. Similarly, respondents were found to have good health status. Furthermore, result of the statistical test indicated that the visit to a midwife and frequency of visit to a Barangay Health Worker have direct association with the health status of the elderly. This implies that the role of midwives and BHWs in the community especially in the rural areas is important as it affected the health of the senior citizens.

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