The lived experience of learners with visual impairments: A phenomenological study

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts in Education Major in Special Education

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Special Education and Teaching


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Educational Leadership and Management

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Thelma Mingoa

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Joel M. Durban

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Waldetrudes M. Sison
Aldrin A.Darilag


The study sought to explore the lived experience of learners with congenital low vision studying in mainstream secondary schools in Metro Manila. Specifically, it aims to describe their experiences as they go through mainstream high school education and determine commonalities and differences of their experiences.

In order to fulfill the aims of the study, a phenomenological research design was utilized. Such design enabled the researcher to understand the learners experiences based on their own perspectives. In-depth interviews were conducted with five (5) research participants with congenital low vision studying in mainstream secondary schools in Metro Manila. Methods of establishing trustworthiness were employed during data explicitation to ensure credibility, dependability, transferability and confirmability of findings.

Encountering and overcoming challenges as the central theme representing the lived experiences of learners with visual impairments studying in mainstream secondary schools as a whole was identified. The central theme of the phenomenon is composed of seven clustered themes. These are (1.) stressful emotions which pertain to the anxieties and doubts learners felt as they go through secondary school life, (2.) prejudiced perceptions of abilities which focus on the misconceptions of members of the school about their visual impairments and how it affects inclusion and participation, (3.) struggle with social interaction which is concerned with the learners issues on interaction with sighted peers, (4.) problems in learning which show the challenges or barriers the learners encountered in school, (5.) factors encouraging meaningful learning which pertain to elements and support present within the school that helped learners to overcome challenges, (6.) learners favorable outlook and attitude which talks about the positive attitude of the research participants that drive them to pursue their education in spite of challenges and (7.) sense of acceptance referring to the sense of belonging participants felt especially with how their sighted peers treated them.

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Vision disorders; Low vision

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