Improving management of Globe Telecom's billing-related complaints

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In any business, no matter how big or small, getting customer complaints is inevitable. In Globe Telecom, the organization that I belong to, billing-related complaints among our Postpaid customers is a prevalent concern and despite having an existing complaints handling process in place, the experience customers go through is still not ideal. There are still billing complaints that seem to take forever to resolve, issues that recur over and over in succeeding billing statements, and issues that no one seems to know how to deal with and more. This leads to stress and confusion among our customers as well as to the customer service agents handling and managing these irate customers.

This action research was an intervention to find ways to improve on the complaints handling structure and processes that we currently have in place outside of finding actual solutions for the billing issues themselves. The objectives for this action research was to gain the acceptance of the relevant teams to execute an improved process as well as to be able to achieve better coordination and implement knowledge sharing across the different teams.

The action research cycle of Constructing, Planning, Implementing and Evaluating was completed in this paper where four issues on the current processes were identified and later on addressed through different action items as agreed and collaborated with the different relevant teams in Globe. By the end of one cycle, the process was improved with the implementation of regular meetings and reporting as well as update of important documentation that customer facing agents refer to in handling complaints. Looking at the bigger picture, this intervention was meant just to be a first step and further actions are needed to be able to decrease billing-related complaints that would lead to lower costs and a better billing experience for Postpaid customers.

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Consumer complaints; Customer services; Globe Telecom (Philippines)

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