Improving relational communications in Global Dink Event International Inc


Amin Yadmand

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Business Administration


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Decision Sciences and Innovation Dept

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Liberty Nolasco


This integration action research concentrates on the issue of relational communication in the Global Dink MP Event International Inc. (GMP), a provider of trade events solutions. To address the issue, this research seeks to bridge the gap between my former coworkers and me, the author of this paper. This issue is not only prevalent in the said company but is also common in the global and national scale.

Based on the Social Penetration Theory, the study attempted to improve the relational communication in my work setting and in turn, the working relations between me and my coworkers in the organization. Based on the identified issue, the Change Theory of Kurt Lewin using the unfreezing, changing and refreezing was used in coming up with interventions to be implemented. Left-hand column, Observation Reflection Judgment Implement (ORJI), and survey are used as methodological instruments to recognize and address the issues and evaluate the result in action.

The result of research shows the following: (a) the spending time with coworkers and having the same goal for work decrease the gap in expectations of parties, at the same time, increase the intimacy and disclosure of ourselves, (b) intimacy affects personal privacy by sharing personal information, (c) spending time is the most important indicator in improving relational communication, and (d) having same goal and purpose helps close the gap of expectation.

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