Mode choice analysis of urban trips in Iloilo City, Philippines

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science in Civil Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Alexis M. Fillone

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Maria Cecilia R. Paringit

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Mario P. De Leon
Danilo C. Terante


Urban transportation is a vital part of any city as it directly affects its ability to function. As the supply of road remains the same and the number of vehicles increases, traffic congestion would be inevitable, therefore effective management of the transport system is needed in order for the city to further grow and develop. Moreover, a large percentage of the urban trips are produced by everyday commuters going around the city. To better understand their characteristics and preferences, a mode choice analysis, using the concept of a logit choice model based on revealed preference and stated preference data, can be done. For this study, it covers the entire network of Iloilo City together with its travelling community. The main public transport only available in the city is the jeepney while private vehicles like the car and motorcycle were the other choices for those who can own one. A bus system and a bus rapid transit system were introduced to respondents to choose from in the stated preference survey. The result of the study found that the main factors affecting the travel mode choice of an individual were cost, comfort and access time. The socio-demographic characteristic of the respondents were also significant such as gender and income were factors in affecting the travel mode choice of the commuters. Knowing these important factors to the decision making of the commuters, developing future transportation options and facilities for the people can be initiated by addressing these needs of the people.

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