An integrated marketing communications campaign for Nyogi Coconut water

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Background: The Philippine health and wellness industry accelerated in 2013 due to vibrant local economy as it reported above 7% GDP growth in the first three quarters. Together with China, this development makes the country among the fastest- growing economies in Asia. This concrete economic performance created a good base for the growth of health and wellness beverages industry according to Euromonitor International (2014). This boost in demand was influenced by the positive consumer confidence shown throughout the year wherein more of the middle-income consumers are expected to benefit. Here enters the coconut water craze in the Philippines highly influenced by its popularity in the international market wherein Lipa, Coco Quench and Pacific Sun are only few of the coconut water brands that have established their names in the industry at present. With the growth of numbers of players and the heightened competition in the market, it is critical for coconut water brands to stand out from competition to make consumers buy their products.

My Philippines lifestyle Inc, established the coconut water brand, NYOGI, a proudly Filipino product in 2012. The brand has already conquered the export market and established its products inside well-known supermarkets such as SM. NYOGI is proud of their true to the coconut water taste with a current positioning on 100% natural hydration. NYOGI banks on the no preservatives and no sugar added concept and is the cheapest coconut water at P26.50.

Results: To gain knowledge on what benefits consumers are looking for in purchasing coconut water a Usage, Attitude, Image (UAI) Survey was prepared for the study. Results showed that 88 respondents expressed preference towards fighting fatigue as a health benefit considered for buying coconut water. It was also noted that 75 respondents conveyed a partiality for pure tasting coconut water over sweetened ones in which NYOGI banks on.

Conclusion: To interest consumers and supply the needs of the market, an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign will be used to help the company effectively sell their brand to their target market and make NYOGI the brand of choice on hydration. The campaign will run for a span of year, using various media channels such as digital/ social media, print and sales promotion to create different touch points between the brand and the consumer.

The full run of the campaign is expected to increase brand recall, awareness and sales. Starting from five different unique selling propositions the paper will focus on only 1 proposition after the campaign. The main purpose of the paper is a simplified marketing message translated directly to its target market.

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