An Integrated marketing campaign for Mi department Store Retail industry

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Carmelita Walton


Mi Department Store has entered the retail industry since 2008 and is relatively a new contender in the Retail industry, specifically the Mixed Retail Store-based retailing. This integrated Marketing Communication campaign aims to increase brand awareness, increase higher foot traffic inside the Mi department store, to increase transaction count and increase redemption rate of loyalty card holders. Mixed Retailers are composed of all Department Stores, from 2007-2012 retail value showed a large value growth of 43.3% in terms of retail value, which is almost half of the retail generators for the retail industry. Mixed Retailers that includes Department Stores jumped by 10% in retailers value in 2013 with revenues reaching P168.6 billion pesos with SM maintaining its leadership with 43% of market share. The Philippines retail industry forecast that the countrys retail sales will grow from PHP1.33 Trillion in 2010 to 1.64 Trillion by 2014, a strong underlying economic growth with its expanding population in urban areas are the key factors to the Philippines retail sales.

One reason why there is a boost of confidence in the retail sector is because of the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) that buoyed the strong domestic consumption, meaning that overseas Filipino workers are sending money to their families and that they may use this income for household payments, Bills, savings or for leisure spending and non-essential items. The target audience from ages 16-30 years old represents 32% of the Philippines Population that are now tech savvy and socially active, online with 93.9% of the population using social media sites and 98% of the Filipinos can access the internet.

With the company marketing budget and year on year goal to increase Net profit of15%, the advertising Campaign will focus on below the line marketing strategies to create brand awareness and drive traffic into the department store, including collaterals like Flyers, posters, Tarps and sales promotional activities in relations also to promote Mi department store on Social media specifically Facebook. Majority of the budget will be focused on the Pre-event taking place in 3 barangays within the city of waltermart and the main event will take place in waltermart mall itself.

The advertising platforms are co-related and cohesive from flyers, posters, tarps in order to generate brand awareness, sales promotional activities together with social media sites to engage with the consumers on social media and events to interact with the consumers.

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