An Integrated marketing campaign for Salt & Light Ventures A Division of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


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Jose Luis Liongson


Salt & Light Ventures is considered a local pioneer in learning events as an approach to continuing executive education (Roberto & Roberto, 2013). Established in 2001, it has succeeded in bringing in some of the best international speakers to the Philippines, developing and representing many of the best local speakers in the country, and a deliverer of quality training programs on various topics.

However, according to the UAI survey conducted for this campaign, over 40% of the respondents have not heard of Salt & Light Ventures. Among the ones who have heard about the company, 67% have not attended its seminars. When asked for the reason why, many of them (30%) said that they are not informed of the seminars the company offers.

For the remaining 33% who have attended the companys seminars, 83% have not attended any of its seminar offerings in the past six months. When probed for the reason why, 15% of the respondents say that it is their boss and/or their HR manager who makes the decision to send them to training programs.

The UAI survey revealed that the top 5 qualities that people look for in a seminar or training program are the following: the quality of the program, the speaker, the quality and sufficiency of materials, the price of the seminar, and the pace by which the seminar is conducted. The quality of the program was considered important by 84% of the respondents, while the excellence of the trainer/facilitator was considered important by 71% of the respondents. Salt & Light Ventures excels in both of these qualities based on average overall rating on public trainings, seminars, and speaking engagements it conducts.

This campaigns two-fold objective is to increase revenue and to increase the number of names in its database. Both will be fulfilled through a campaign thats designed to inform training provider of choice because of its values-based, quality training programs and speakers, and to persuade executives to choose Salt & Light Ventures because they will part with their training investment in exchange for quality service. The primary target market of this integrated marketing communications campaign will be people in the staff level, while the secondary target market are HR managers or directors of medium to large-scale companies in Metro Manila.

The big idea of this campaign is that Salt & Light Ventures is a choice training provider because of its high quality, values-based programs and its roster of top speakers, trainers, and facilitators. This will be reflected in creative executions that are simple, minimal and clean, with a business casual tone and mood.

The media mix that will be utilized for this campaign includes a combination of direct marketing and sales promotion that has both electronic and print executions, events and PR, and personal selling. When fully implemented, the campaign requires a budget of P5,161,350.

If fully implemented, the campaign has the potential to reach the companys profit targets and achieve a level of awareness it had not seen since it organized the John Maxwell Live in Manila events many years ago. It will also set itself up as a premium, values-based learning events producer and organizer, occupying a definite, uncontested space in the consumers mind.

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