An Integrated marketing campaign for Witty Minds Learning Center

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Education in the Philippines is very important. Education, in the country is considered to be very important and is said to be a basis of success. The educational system in the Philippines has been first brought by the Spaniards. During the Spanish Era, the medium of teaching has been in the Spanish language and it is during this time that some of the well-known universities in the country such as University of Sto. Tomas, Ateneo De Manila University and many more has been established. The educational system was then changed during the American occupation and it is during this time that the medium of teaching has been changed to English. It was also during this time that the University of the Philippines was established.

The Philippine educational system has been changed during the year 2012. The country, previously, is under the educational system where there are 6 or 7 years of Grade school or primary education, 4 yrs. of High school or secondary education and 4 years college or tertiary education. Now, the country is under the K12 program wherein the students will have 6 years of primary education, 4 years of Junior High School, and 2 years of Senior High School. The country also has two different educational sectors which are the private and the public schools. However, due to the increase of the tuition fees in private schools, the middle class and the upper class are the only ones who can afford to have their children sent in this type of school. Those who cannot afford to have their kids enrolled for a private school education goes to public school where there is no tuition fee.

Witty Minds Learning Center Inc. is a private school located in Makati City, Philippines. It has been established 11 years ago and currently has 135 students. The school offers classes for Kinder and Primary education. The school offers a unique curriculum as they offer extra classes which helps in the development of new skills of its students. These classes are the electives which consist of foreign languages, music classes etc. Because of these classes, the school has something unique or different to offer that other schools dont. However, despite the fact that the school has its own unique selling proposition, the brand awareness amongst its target market is very low and because of the there arent a lot of parents who enroll their children to WMLC. This campaign will focus on strategies as to how Witty Minds Learning Center can increase their brand awareness and to induce trial amongst its target market which in turn will result to an increase in the number of student enrollees and increase in the revenue for Witty Minds Learning Center Inc.

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