An Integrated marketing communications campaign for Healty Treats

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department

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Arvin M. Alivia


The purpose of Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign is to provide the business owners the clear understanding on how to execute and implement the diverse forms of marketing communications like advertising, sales promotion and other marketing strategies that is needed for business growth and development. Each activity is complementary to each other to attain bottom line results which are to increase, a) sales b) market shares, and c) profitability, that is to generate revenues for Healthy Treats.

Primary objective is to increase brand awareness and consumer education on Healthy Treats products such as: Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass, Green Barley, Plum Delite, Greenlife juices and Sante Barley. Marketing activities of Healthy Treats will bring their products to the market. Important tools will be utilized for marketing communications to effectively persuade and convince target consumers for the product. These are: advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, e-marketing, public relations, events sponsorships, personal selling and customer-service.

Through this campaign, Healthy treats can smartly combine and integrate all possible marketing tools along with its existing word-of-mouth marketing for better response. It is crafted to address the lack of brand awareness among its target market and to stimulate communications between the company brand and its existing customers in the efforts of further building brand loyalty.

To achieve positive results, creative combination of advertisements along with public relations program and specific sales promotion will not only focus on winning new customers but also maintaining long-term healthy relationships with its existing customer base, as Healthy Treats (Trenty Merchandising) exploit the opportunity of expanding its business and operations in the Philippines.

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