An Integrated marketing campaign for Chatime Philippines

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Donald Patrick L. Lim


The Philippine economy is booming in the past few years and is expected to become a super economy in years to come. Foreign investors are beginning to come in the country to create business. The cafes and bars industry has a huge potential in the Philippines for the population is massive and the demand for food is usually increasing. The Filipino consumers have been shifting to a healthy lifestyle brought about by Western ideologies. Large companies had seen this change and as a result provide product selections to the growing demand of health and wellness. In line with this, tea is often perceived as a healthy beverage because of its benefits on well being. Although Filipinos are not known to be tea-drinkers, most Filipinos tend to have a sweet tooth. Combining tea and sweet, the bubble milk tea industry is quite a success in the Philippines.

One of the pioneers in the bubble milk tea industry is Chatime, founded in Taiwan has the most diverse product offerings of milk tea and known for using quality ingredients and tea-making facilities. The goal is to translate awareness to trial and differentiate itself from competitors. Through the IMC campaign, consumers will instill in their minds that Chatime is the only option for authentic milk teas. Targeting 20 to 30, class A, B, and C1, and male and female living in the busy areas, the IMC creative handle, The Authentic Milk Tea Experience will differentiate itself from competitors. The campaign will use mostly below-the-line efforts, as well as digital efforts. Strong brand presence is expected within the campaign period.

For evaluation, aside from sales, specific metrics are set to analyze the success of the plan. It is expected to increase sales and create a differentiation for Chatime.

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