An Integrated marketing campaign for J.Cuppacakes

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Master's Thesis

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Carmelita Walton


J.Cuppacakes has been in the cupcake industry for more than three (3) years now. It started by joining in weekend markets in Eastwood Mall and night to morning markets in Mercato until it finally put up its first store/kiosk in SM Megamall. Shortly after, it was followed by a branch in Eastwood, and its recently opened branch, the newest and biggest, in SM Jazz along N.Garcia, Makati City.

The brand falls under the baked goods industry where products of Gardenia, Goldilocks, Marby, etc. is in. But particularly, J.Cuppacakes is in the unpackaged/artisanal category. Although the forecast from Euromonitor of the unpackaged/artisanal category is a bit negative, a decreasing percentage of sales in the future, it still is not a reason for cupcake enthusiasts to close stores or stop whatever they have started.

On a lighter note, all J.Cuppacakes branches have a fun and unique artsy feel, a one-stop shop where all type of meals are available. A cupcake store that carries a feel-good ambiance for all ages and a place to celebrate all kinds of event in life. Its target market are teenagers and young professionals who have money to spare to buy a box of cupcake as pasalubong or to hang-out with family and/or friends during weekends after watching a movie, bowling, billards, and so on. These people are also the ones that are not too conscious or too tight on their budget.

J.Cuppacakes do not do any above-the-line advertising initiatives. It does promos through its Facebook page, stating where they would be in the following days, if they would be in such expo or not, and so on. This just fits the target market of the brand since according to the survey, they prefer and get information through the three (3) well-known social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and blogs. Moreover, the reason as to why the said target market buy cupcakes is because they are curious of the taste and how wide the variety of flavors of a cupcake brand has. With that, J.Cuppacakes is set to do a campaign in the digital platform. The campaign will consist of the following: Facebook advertisements, sales promos through Facebook, bloggers, Twitter and Instagram. These bloggers are set to give out gift vouchers for the winners of whatever the promotion would be.

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