An Integrated marketing communications campaign for Unahco's Petsure A Vitamin C Supplement for Dogs

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UNAHCO has numerous leading brands in the animal healthcare segment. They have always had their eyes set on the Companion animal market due to its promise of great potential, UNAHCO is venturing into the Companion Animal Market and will start with Supplements as its initial investment.

They launched a Multivitamin supplement seven years ago under the brand Doggiessentials. However this brand was not able to withstand the competition and was later pulled out by the company after one year in the market. This year UNAHCO came up with a new strategy and will still use Doggiessentials as its pioneer brand however not just as a multivitamin brand but will be the mother brand which all products from the Companion Animal business unit will fall.

UNAHCO sees this as a great opportunity as their companion animal business unit starts fresh with new ideas and a new product that seen to have a great potential in the market. Based on research and interviews there is still a gap within the vitamin-mineral segment that has yet to be answered by manufacturers.

Thus the birth of Doggiessentials PetSure, a Vitamin C supplement made especially for dogs young and old.

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