An Integrated marketing communications campaign for Classic Savory Restaurant


Jie Wang

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Master's Thesis

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Master of Marketing Communications


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Marketing and Advertising Department


This Php 3.0 million integrated marketing communications campaign was designed as a differentiation of Classic Savory Restaurant from other fried chicken restaurants. The main objective of this campaign is to strengthen the brand from other brands and create an Integrated Marketing Campaign thus to positioning that Classic Savory is an everyday casual-dining restaurant. It will run on continuously weights from September to February. The target market is expected to increase the frequency of visiting the branches by the end of the 6 months.

Travel is popular among Filipinos and Majority of people like to enjoy the food from different cuisines. However, some people do not really enjoy the food and the services at the same time. There are so many competitors for customers to choose from.

The big idea is that Classic Savory is the only restaurant can meet the customer satisfactions at the same time while the tag line is #savorylunch, #savorydinner for Dine-in and #savorytakeout for Take-out.

The target markets of the campaign includes men and women 1) young professional aged 21-30, 2) professional 41 years old to 60, 3) 61 years old and above senior citizen, that belongs to socio-economic classes B and upper C. Ambient, billboards and pictures upload contest are the media vehicles used for the whole campaign. Using above the line efforts, this campaign aims to make the target market 6 know that our products and services can meet the customer expectation at the same time. Therefore, they should start visiting the brand by daily basis. We subsequently tell that our restaurant will cater to their needs.

It is important for people to maintain the good relationship with each other especially for the older ones, they dont want the younger generation to feel that they are already not within the trends. Being transparent be able to share your experience is very important too because your friends or others could also know what would be good place to enjoy the food and time at the same time.

People nowadays do not only go to restaurant for making them feel full but also for the good quality, ambiance or experience etc. Filipino loves chicken the most, they can have chicken only for 1 meal with rice or with other different side dishes. Filipino love fried food as well, It drives the biggest sales in almost all categories.

Classic Savory Restaurant has discovered the opportunities in the market that they developed a complete product line for serving the food. However, there are so many competitors in the market coming from international brands or other older existing brands. How is Classic Savory Restaurant going to stand out among all these brands?

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