An Integrated marketing communications campaign for DMCI Homes Discover

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Marketing and Advertising


DMCI Homes is a real estate developer that caters to the middle-income segment in the residential condominium market. The company began in 1999, as a spin-off from its parent company, DMCI Inc., a leading construction firm led by David M. Consunji. DMCI, for the past 50 years, has been building several of the countrys landmarks and pioneering construction techniques.

Since its inception, the company has amassed over 50 projects in its portfolio, majority of which cater to the above segment. Its strengths are in its quality and competitive pricing however, it has a weak brand name and low awareness. As an organization, it relishes in its underdog status in the real estate industry. Led by an army of engineers, its corporate culture is that of pride it always strives for innovation and superior quality in terms of construction for its projects. Desiring to provide to the Filipino middle class market and its sensibilities, it offers quality homes at a reasonable price, while trying to foster a sense of community usually lost in condo-living.

To strengthen the brand, the campaign proposes to develop a grassroots-based campaign that aims to increase word-of-mouth buzz and referrals. The key idea behind the campaign is associating home with DMCI Homes to leverage its underdog quality, believing that the market, once they discover the unique advantages of DMCI Homes projects over similar products, shall serve as its brand ambassadors. Its goal is to build a sense of family among DMCI homeowners and instill in them the same pride the company has in its products. The campaign will primarily use Print Media, Events, and Digital as its marketing tools. It has a projected budget of P39.9 Million.

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